Rules & Regulations

To Students:-

All Student must regularly attent the school in full school ubiform.

Pupil should be docile, punctual, clean,neat and hard-working. every student shall maintain a high standard of discipline inside as well as out side the school.

Students should take care of their personal belongings. The school authorities do not accept any responsibility of the loss of books, clothes, money, tiffin carrier etc.

Students should take special care of the school’s property. Any damage done should be reported to the class teacher or to the principal and should be made good by the one who does it.

A student whose behaviour is injurious to the moral tone of the school or incompatible with good discipline is liable to be removed from the school.

The student are expected to come to the computer room only after taking off their shoes. the hardware and software in the computer room should in no way be damaged and strict decour should be maintained. Do not bring any outside floppy.

In the library, complete silence is to be observed. The books borrowed should be maintained well and returned on time, failing which a fine will be charged.

Students are strictly prohibited to bring objectionable literature into the school nor they allowed to bring transistors, tope recorders, mobile phones, etc.

Laboratory Rules :-

  • Do not enter the lab without while overalls(lab coat).
  • Keep perfect silence in the laboratory, it is essential for the concentration and successful scientific work.
  • Keep your apparatus table and notebook carefully and clean.
  • Add reagents in proportionate amounts, this is the key to success.
  • Keep the reagent stoppered, do not change the stoppers of the bottles and also do not disturb the arrangement of the shelves, keep the the reagent at their proper place.
  • Do not shift the bottles from the common shelf.
  • Do not throw broken glass pieces, match sticks, filter paper etc. in the sink and throw them in waste box for the purpose.
  • Shake the bottle test tube while heating do not throw hot and concentrated acids specially concentrated sulphuric acid.
  • Passive hydrogen sulphide gas, slowly in the solution, it is a very poisonous gas; do not leave the gas stopper open.
  • Any damage to lab apparatus/equipments will have to be made good.

Library Rules :-

  • Students should keep in mind that reading make a full man.
  • They should all develop the habit of reading not flying from book to book, but systematically and thoughtfully of reading suggested books on different subject and storing them up carefully in their memory. this way the information will be extensive, accurate and useful.
  • No talking is permitted in the library except on business with the librarian. This also should be done in a low voice.
  • Students may borrow one book at a time for a period upto one week from the library.
  • Any book not required by another person may be reissued for further one week.
  • Certain books, magazines are available for reference in the library only. They are not to be taken home.
  • Books, periodicals, magazines, etc should be treated with care both in and out of the library.
  • No writing ink blots, torn pages, marks and the lines in the books are tolerated.
  • Books are issued on the understanding that they are only to be read by persons to whom they are issued and not given to others whether of school or or to outsiders.
    any student who break the above rules will have to pay the fine or the cost of the lost and damaged books.

To Parents/Gaurdians :-

The parents are earnestly requested to co-operate with the school. They should insist on their child’s regular attendance at school and punctuality. They must help them to do their homework and prepare their lessons daily.

Remark made in the diary should be seen and countersigned regularly.

Parents/guardians are not allowed to enter the class room. Neither can they contact the teachers and children during the school hours without the permission of the principal.

As & when you feel that your child is not making the desired progress the principal should be contacted. Co-opration between parents and school autorities is paramount importance for a child’s successful school career.

Parents are joint educators to instil in their children noble ideas, a sense of good discipline and polite behaviour.

Your criticism of your child’s teacher in his/ her presence should be studiously avoided, because it causes the child to loss his/her respect for the teacher with consequent failure to learn from her.

Parents are advised to allow children to watch only educationl and useful programmes on the T.V. Habiutal watching movies and film songs may take the children away from the realities of life.

The child should be encouraged to cultivate habitual cleanliness in all his/ her work and person. Dress him/her neatly and properly. Do not allow him/her toring any costly things to the school so as to make a display of such item or to show that he/she is more privileged then the rest. Help the child to understand that in the school he/she is one just like any other student.

If in the case of your child there are habits or traits of character which needs special watching, please report to the principal.

Children are attracted even by trifle things. If he/ she brings home any think from the school without the teacher’s knowledge, send it back the next itself and inform about it to the persons concerned. It will have its own reward in his/ her later life.

Your visits are welcome.

Time : 8:30 to 10:30 AM in summer, 9:30 to 11:00 AM in winter.

On contact day parents are requested to make good use of this occasion day parents are requested to make good use of this occasion for building up mutual understanding between the parents and teacher with regard to the all round progress of their wards. It is not a fault finding session, but legitimate complaints may be brought to the attention of the principal/ class teacher by all means without any delay. It will be very much appreciated.

School Bus :-

Student opting for the school bus must continue to use it throughout the year. Only in exceptional cases permission will be granted to discontinue. Student are expected to be well-behaved and quiet while waiting at the bus stop and in the bus.

Late attendance or behaviour record shall be daily checked by the parents.If any entry is done in late attendance or behaviour record, parent is supposed to give the signature in the prescribed column and send to the teacher for verification. After every five entries parents are expected to meet the principal.

After fifteen entries, the students will student be removed from the school.