The Joyful tasks of school is not merely mould the innocent minds of the children but also to provide them with vision dreams and hopes for the future. As all of us know the future citizens of our nation are mould in the schools of today, we SJS school family create healthy school atmosphere, the children are challenged mentally , encouraged emotionally and inspired spiritually. The 27 years of loving service t o the nation humanity, I am sure that there are many students of our school now in responsible positions, capable of changing the destiny of our nation.

True to its motto – “MAKE THE LAMP BURN”

The school has been making concentrate effort for the discipline of creative potentials of the individual, important to nurse and nurture creativity in educational process .

We aim at blending work and study with artistic, recreational , cultural and social activities. Adopting the latest educational innovations with a view of helping pupils keeping abreast of the cultural and technological progress in the contemporary world.