Our Vision

To instill in our students spirit of patriotism, universal brotherhood, a sense of civics rights and duties and thus assist them to develop an integrated personality by which renewing and bettering families, localities and thus join in the noble cause of nation building.

Our Motto

The motto of the school is “TO MAKE THE LAMP BURN”. The burning lamp is the sign and symbol of wisdom and strength , which removes darkness of ignorance from human mind .

St. Joseph’s Hr. Sec. School is opened to all irrespective of cast and creed . they are accepted and cherished as they are helped to grow in their cultural , social and religious milieu. It aims at forming children who are intellectually competent spiritually mature , morally upright , psychologically integrated , physically healthy , socially accepted , emotionally balanced , noble in behavior who will be able to make their own lamp burn which may lead them to the life of LOVE , SERVICE AND SACRIFICE.